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Beauty Creation By Sylvia

Beauty Creation By Sylvia will help you with all your  beauty needs. Sylvia is a train hair and makeup artist she will accomplish any skin tone and hair type she is prepared with a very well built hair and makeup kit. With her on-location services there's is no need to rush to a salon anymore 

Whatever your vision is for your special day we will  help you achieve it. Rest assured that with contracting Sylvia  you are dealing with a punctual professional with lots of experience. 


"I find it incredibly refreshing to work with all my clients. The joy of when they looks in the mirror after makeup and hair is done and they reply with "I have never felt so beautiful" is something

that will never get old. The high energy of a wedding day is the environment I thrive in. I am driven by my passion for helping people and hope that in the process we can learn something from each other."